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SAP Analytics Cloud Top 5 Q1 2020

February 18, 2020

Wendy McGrath Wendy McGrath
Wendy McGrath is an SAP Analytics Cloud Senior User Assistance Designer and Video Journalist with the SAP HANA & Analytics Design Team.

To mark the occasion of the Q1 2020 release of SAP Analytics Cloudlet's take a quick look at 5 of the top features. 

Join Wendy McGrathfrom the Video Journalism, SAP HANA & Analytics Design Team, as she interviews Product Manager, Orla Cullen. 

Those quarterly releases seem to roll around very quickly, now don't they? Orla and I certainly enjoyed chatting our way through this quarter's top 5 features. Before you delve into the video, here's a brief overview of what's in store.

5. Smart Insights Enhancements

Smart Insights helps you understand what's going on behind your data in a simple and intuitive way. Thanks to recent enhancements, Smart Insights are now available to you in many more use cases in your story. Get Smart Insights on calculated measures, account dimensions, on tables and grids, and more. There's also a new type of insight that intelligently detects significant changes in your data point over time.

4. Search to Insight on Mobile

Asking your data a question using natural language is now available on the go. Share Search to Insight content now like you would any other content on a mobile device, and even annotate charts. Offline for a while? No problem – you can still call up your last ten search results to tide you over until you're connected again.

3. Allocation as a Data Action Type

It's nice to be able to multi-task, and we all like to feel we're making the most of our time. Planners can say goodbye to the piecemeal approach of running their end-of-cycle planning operations. These operations are now automated, with the addition of Structured Allocations as a type of Data Action

2. Asynchronous Execution as a Data Action Type

Ever felt blocked by some long-running, yet essential planning process? Data Actions were often processed while the planning user waited. With Asynchronous Execution, planners can now execute Data Actions in the background, and get on with their day.

1. Qualtrics Connector

Understanding your customer's feelings is key to innovation. With Experience Management, sentiment-driven data is a real differentiator when it comes to understanding your customer's behavior. Our new Qualtrics Connector combines this experience data with operational data, giving you a more rounded view of your customers. Not alone can you find out what products they're buying from you – you can also learn how they feel about them.

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