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Find Instant Insights from Data Right at Your Finger Tips

February 18, 2020

Reena Sethy Reena Sethy
Reena Sethy is Director of Product Management for Mobile Analytics at SAP.

One of my favourite features added in SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile on iOS in the recent release is "Search to Insights". Why? Keep on reading below for my top three reasons:

  • Can access key insights from the underlying data models through simple natural language queries from the mobile device
  • I don't need to know what SAP Analytics Cloud stories are existing, I have the access to the underlying data for the stories from my mobile device
  • I can access my previously searched queries (last 10) even without any connectivity, whether I am in a subway or an aeroplane or in a lift

Of course, there are more reasons to use Search to Insights than the above three points, for instance, one can interact through touch gestures with the visualizations right from the search results. The application will show the result in the best match visualization type. In case match is found in multiple models, the search results show all the models, and one can select the relevant one. You can also change it to another comparable chart in the query.

While typing the query, it also provides recommendation, depending on the popularity of the model. Moreover, one can give many types of queries for instance, want to understand the top products or bottom performers, (basically ranking and sorting), with time periods like last year, for specific dates/ month/ quarters. You can annotate to highlight some data points and share with your colleagues.

This feature is currently supporting the acquired data sources, however, soon it will be extended to Live Sources on Mobile. Just imagine how powerful it can be. I am also pretty excited for it to be integrated with voice enabled services in future, so that I can simply ask the question, which will then get translated to the query and show the results.

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