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4 Ways Businesses Benefit from Visual Analytics

January 11, 2017

Maddy Wilson Maddy Wilson
Maddy is an SAP HANA Cloud Services content specialist. She has a passion for everything digital and enjoys finding creative ways to simplify complex concepts.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words. But when it comes to analyzing your business data, a picture may be worth far more.

Waiting for quarterly, monthly, or even daily reports before taking action puts you behind the competition. Visual analytics brings real-time data insights to all levels of an organization. It's an aspect of business intelligence that's essential in today's agile business world.

Still not convinced you need it? Here are four ways that integrating visual analytics will benefit your business.

Consume more data in less time 

When was the last time you looked at thousands of records in a spreadsheet and came away with actionable insights? We're guessing never. Unlike spreadsheets, data visualization allows for quick consumption of information.

Think about it, thousands of data points display in a single chart or graph. Take the chart below. It contains three years worth of sales for a beverage company. That's 54,2613 individual records. The process of consuming that data in a spreadsheet? At the very least, it's going to take a lot of scrolling.

Your time is valuable and visual analytics saves time.

Stay ahead of the curve

Not only is it easier to consume data with visualizations, making sense of it is simpler as well. Visual analytics reveal trends in data that could otherwise be misinterpreted or missed altogether.

Identifying trends, outliers, and correlations between datasets are important steps in making informed decisions. Visual analytics help your business run smoothly and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Get real-time updates

Wouldn't it be great to know the status of your KPIs in real-time? Business intelligence based on real-time visual analytics makes it possible. Stop waiting for quarterly updates to make data-driven decisions. Visual analytics give you instant feedback so you can pro-actively solve problems before they arise.

Make better decisions

You want to make the best decisions possible for your business, and understanding your data plays a big role in that. Visual analytics empower teams across all levels to make better data-backed decisions. The path to success is clear when you can cut through the clutter and focus on what is helping you achieve your goals.

The value of visual analytics is clear, so why isn't everyone doing it?

In the past visualizing your data meant hiring an expert team of data scientists and analysts and installing costly systems. Now anyone can create data visualizations with SAP Analytics Cloud, an all-in-one solution for business intelligence, planning, and predictive analytics.

Get started in minutes. SAP Analytics Cloud is fully accessible in the cloud, which means there's nothing to download or install.