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Jun 4, 2020

8:00 AM PST / 5:00 PM CET

Best Practices

Migration to SAP HANA Cloud

In this session, we would like to give an overview of the possible migration paths, and the planned migration tools and procedures to support customers in their transition to SAP HANA Cloud. We would also like to collect our customers’ opinions and suggestions on different ideas to better understand our customers' demands and needs.

Jun 18, 2020

8:00 AM PDT | 11:00 AM EDT

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts: SAP HANA Cloud

Do you have questions on what SAP HANA Cloud can do for you? Want to connect and chat with SAP HANA Cloud product experts? Join us for this open and highly interactive Q&A session to get all your burning questions answered.

60 mins

Getting Started

Getting Started with SAP HANA Cloud

In this session, we would like to show you how to get started with SAP HANA Cloud, our new offering in SAP Cloud Platform. We will show you how you can provision an instance and how you can start working with that instance. In addition, we would like to collect your feedback to better understand your needs.

60 mins

Deep Dive

Extend your On-Premise Systems with SAP HANA Cloud

This session will provide a more detailed look on how you can extend your existing on-premise systems with SAP HANA Cloud capabilities.

60 min

Getting Started

Overview of SAP HANA Cloud's Innovative Data Lake

We developed SAP HANA Cloud with four key characteristics in mind: unlimited, trusted, simple, and open. One of the fundamental features of SAP HANA Cloud is Data Lakes. Learn how Data Lakes can meet the need of a large storage and low cost data solution. Join Jason Hinsperger, SAP’s senior product manager, for a comprehensive overview of data lakes in HANA Cloud and discover SAP HANA Cloud’s powerful capabilities.

60 min

Getting Started

SAP HANA Cloud Overview

In this session, we want to introduce SAP HANA Cloud, the next evolutionary step of SAP HANA. You will see how customers will benefit from a cloud data platform that provides easy and immediate access to all data, with SAP HANA real-time processing and low TCO, while reducing the complexity of your system landscape.

30 min

Thought Leadership

Data Defined: Your Silver Bullet in IT Strategy

We all hear about cloud acting as the silver bullet for IT solutions, but what can it really offer? This episode of Data Defined dives deep into SAP HANA Cloud and debunks all its myths. Can cloud be integrated with on-premise solutions? Is cloud worth the investment? What can cloud bring to the table? Join us for a discussion on November 13 at 10 am PDT with experts Saskia Kurz and Dirk Basenach.