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What is the Beta Program?

Becoming available to over two thousand select registrants on August 19, 2019, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Beta gave access to the application-in-development.

Designed as a hands-on experience, the Beta will give you the chance to test the environment, playfully run trials, and see for yourself how decisive pain points can be resolved by the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

As a Beta registrant you will receive access to the Community Page, exclusive Talk Shows to highlight business and IT related topics, as well as regular enablement, feedback, and Q&A sessions.

The Beta program will release several scenarios that focus on the Hybrid Potential of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, Cross-application Analytics and Semantic Modelling.

The scenarios are meant to familiarize you with the application and help you get started, showing you the basics from loading data into the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and getting it ready for visualization. You'll also learn about modelling and building the semantic layer, bottom-up.

At the end of the Beta Program, you will know how to make demand-driven requests to the data warehouse, visualize data models, and refine the semantic layer in order to make your queries to the warehouse even more precise.

A Closer Look

The Beta showcases the Hybrid capability of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud: you can enhance your on-premise SAP HANA system by modelling an analytic consumption model in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud on top of the data within your on-premise system! This way, you get the full performance of your data management system without having to move your entire on-premise data to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud or putting additional load on existing on-premise systems.

The integrated Data Builder helps you create new data models within a Space, a dedicated virtual workplace. Here, you'll be able to link and correlate data sets and define facts and dimensions in order to prepare data for simple visualization, for example in SAP Analytics Cloud.
SAP Data Warehouse Cloud can be connected to your SAP HANA on-premise solution, thus allowing data to be accessed virtually or through replication.

You will also experience the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud's Cross Application Analytics by virtually connecting to a variety of different source systems (SAP and non-SAP) and modelling data flows. On top of the combined data, you can then build an analytic consumption model, e.g. in SAP Analytics Cloud. Building your own SAP Analytics Cloud Story, you'll learn how to manage Space Governance, add to the Business Catalogue, refine information in the Semantic Modeler and link to existing objects.

During the Beta, you can connect the following source systems to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud:
• ODATA (using SDA)
• SAP S/4 HANA Cloud (via ODATA)
• SAP S/4 HANA on-premise (using SDI ABAP Adapter)
• SAP BW/4HANA (using ABAP Adapter)
• SAP BW on any DB (using ABAP Adapter)

You can access your data either virtually or by replication. You can then dive into scheduling data uploads to coordinate regular updates and test out different transformation operations.

Please note: during the Beta program, the data source load followed by the execution of a transformation will not be available.

Beside the modeling of transformations, you can also set up simple tables which are then generated into the free accessible SQL schema to allow data loads by third-party ETL tools.

With the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can make specific analytic scenarios accessible to business units without meddling with the performance of your on-premise system.

The Beta program gives you the chance to test and see the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as the solution for your enterprise.

After all, the Beta serves to collect early feedback from you! Your input will be incorporated in the generally available product, released in October as we take your feedback very seriously.
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Please Note: The reuse of models built in the beta system is not possible once the Beta program ended.

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