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Open for Business: Integrate Your Solutions with SAP

Openness, collaboration, and partnerships are key to the success of every company in the digital economy. SAP's global network of customers, partners, employees, and thought leaders plays a critical role in realizing our vision to help the world run better and improving people's lives. One important enabler of this ecosystem is open technology. This ensures we can offer our partners exciting opportunities to integrate and extend solutions and ultimately, of course, provide our customers greater choice and value.

SAP's strategy to drive data value can be captured in a very simple equation. At the recent SAP TechEd in Barcelona, SAP executive board member, Juergen Mueller spoke about the "data value formula", whereby the value of data is equal to the amount of data multiplied by its quality multiplied by its usage. This shows that value can only be derived from data when all of these elements are optimized. This means that regardless of whether your data is big or small, if you have high data quality and high data usage, the value of that data will be high too. Likewise, if the data is of poor quality, it will not matter how much data you have or how you consume it, the value of the data will be lost.

The recently-introduced SAP HANA Cloud Services have been specifically designed to enable customers to maximize the potential of their data by providing solutions for each element in the data value chain and optimizing their interconnectivity: SAP HANA Cloud for any type of data, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for data management, semantics, and quality, and SAP Analytics Cloud for the valuable insights, usage and consumption of data.

Furthermore, our philosophy of making the power of data available to everyone means that we also specifically designed it so that it connects to customers' existing systems. On-premise customers of, for example, SAP HANA, SAP BW/4HANA, and SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite can also benefit from the innovation offered by SAP HANA Cloud Services by deploying it in conjunction with their existing investments and hybrid landscape, with no need to migrate or rebuild.

Crucially, we connect all the elements of data processing – from a database to data warehouse to analytics – into one seamless experience so customers can see more, understand more, do more, and impact more.

Because at SAP we believe in openness, we designed SAP HANA Cloud Services capabilities of SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud to be easily connected and integrated, which in turn allows us to embrace the diversity of the broader SAP network around us by promoting and fostering open standards and new partnerships.

The key features of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, for example, are scalability, elasticity, flexibility, and – very importantly – openness, making it suitable for any company of any size. As a result of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud exposing the SQL endpoint, any application that uses the open SQL standard by means of the SQL clients can connect to it.

Starting with the "usage" element of the data value equation, for example, customers may choose to connect an existing analytics client to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. To ensure they have the "amount" and "quality" of data they need, organizations need to be able to quickly and easily connect to all relevant data sources to ensure their decisions can be taken with full confidence. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud uses standard adapters, (using standard protocols such as REST/OData), to enable it to connect to any source, including partner solutions that connect to a variety of data. Adapters can also be built and "hooked" in to optimize integration.

When it comes to connecting the power of SAP HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to the actual data using such adapters, our partnerships with companies such as Informatica, and SnapLogic and industry-specific vendors such as Adverity, play an essential role. We are working with these partners and many more on integration projects to ensure our customers can quickly and easily connect to data from a wide range of data sources into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Partnerships like this will allow more customers to turn data into meaningful insights and actions that move their business forward. By working together in this way, we not only enhance and complement our respective solutions, but ultimately also help our customers maximize the potential of their individual data chains and turn their business data into business value.


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Ivo Bauermann Ivo Bauermann
Ivo has over 20 years of experience in helping customers globally with business analytics and finance transformation. He was one of the founders of SAP Analytics Cloud, one of SAP's most successful native cloud solutions. Currently, he is the Head of Product Strategy for SAP HANA & Analytics driving the vision and strategy across SAP’s database, data warehouse and analytics product portfolio.
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