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Using "LIKE" for Sales Excellence in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Imagine you want to increase the quality of your pipeline to start your fourth quarter with some great opportunities. How about engaging in a more empathic way by approaching your current leads with a connection on management level? In order to do put this in place, you would like to understand how many of your leads are Senior Vice Presidents and how many resources you have to make this happen.

Thanks to the announced partnership with Adverity for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud at TechEd Barcelona 2019, we are able to easily integrate Salesforce data into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, leveraging their Datatap solution. By, creating an OPEN SQL Schema, you can provide a destination to be able to directly access more than 200 (non-SAP) sources from the Sales & Marketing area. So even if you are not an SAP C/4HANA customer (yet), you will be able to utilize your lead and opportunity data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud for joint analytics with other sources.

After specifying & pushing the columns that you want to work with, you can directly leverage the result set in the connection area on the left. Via drag and drop, you can make your data set available for modeling. In order to identify the leads with Senior Vice Presidents as Contact Persons, you can create a calculated column as an "SVP Flag" by identifying all titles that somewhere contain the string "SVP".

In addition, in order to understand how old the created lead is, we will let SAP Data Warehouse Cloud calculate the days since the lead has been modified using the DAYS_BETWEEN and NOW() function.

Now we make use of the competitive advantage of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud of having modeling and analytics seamlessly integrated into one UI and open the Story Builder to analyze and visualize what we have done so far. Using a heatmap, we can categorize the leads in the different lead phases and drill into the so far not rated leads on the left. Leveraging the linked analysis, we get all the contact persons and leads that we can now tackle.

Now it is time to identify the resources that help us to make the connection on the same career grade and thus help to qualify the leads or even better, turn them into immediate opportunities. Luckily, SAP SuccessFactors is running on SAP HANA and we can access our employee data through our HANA Adapter. On the left-hand side, you have your SAP SuccessFactors system with all the necessary tables that you can add to your canvas with drag and drop. In addition, per table, you can decide whether we want to only access the data virtually or replicate the data into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud using the "Use Cache" Operator.

There is now a lot we can do here with the valuable information about our workforce but this we keep for another article to practically apply further SAP Data Warehouse Cloud functionality. Please provide comments in case you have practical challenges you would like to see applied or questions that you have.

Oliver Huth Oliver Huth
Working for SAP for more than 7 years, Oliver has seen analytical challenges both at the customer side in his consulting times and internally within Corporate Strategy. Since Q3/2019, Oliver is responsible for building up an inclusive ecosystem for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud that enables Line of Business and Industry-specific offerings for confident and superior decision making.
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