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How to raise a technical issue

It's never fun to run into a technical issue, but glitches happen in software development. In this article you can find the detailed instructions of how to report an SAP incident you may find while using SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. In this article you can also find what to expect once you do report an incident.

The first step is always to check our Help inside SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

If you cannot find an explanation or answer there, you can still check our detailed technical documentation page. Please also check our frequently asked questions and answers here.

If none of these sources help you and you still want to report the incident, please start by accessing the SAP ONE Support Launchpad at https://launchpad.support.sap.com/

If this is your first time at the ONE Support Launchpad, you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions, login, and choose the product you want to create an incident for. Please select SAP Cloud Platform.

This is what you will see after selecting the product family. Please click on Report an Incident to continue.

You will then see a form that you should fill with your information and the details of the incident you found.

It is crucial to fill out the System Information area. Please include SCP on the System field, if you have that option available to you. If not, please select the component XX-PROJ-BETA.

Please make sure to include in your Subject line the prefix DWC in every incident. In the description field, the more details you give us, the faster we can evaluate and solve the incident! It is very helpful if you can include the following, when applicable:

  • The URL of the screen in which the incident occurred – your Tenant URL
  • The log file, which you can download by clicking on the Help inside SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and then clicking on Download Log
  • As much detailed step-by-step as possible, including where you clicked and what you were trying to do
  • If you have issues with uploading a CSV or Excel file, please include the file you used as an attachment to the incident

Also make sure to add the following text on the Component field: XX-PROJ-BETA.

Finally, just click on Submit on the lower right corner of the screen and your incident is reported. You will be able to follow the progress of your incidents by checking the inbox, highlighted in the image below:


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