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Welcome to the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Community


The key to creating a stellar product experience is true customer collaboration. That is why we launched the SAP Data Warehouse Community – a platform for customers, partners, and experts to interact with one another while diving deeper into product. The goals of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Community are to provide support, promote engagement, and collect feedback from our users. This is the place to get your questions answered, collaborate with our experts, and have your voice heard.


The Community is open for all to view, where users can get access to the latest product updates, news, and see how other organizations are using the product in their respective industries. However, the responses, interactions, and rewards are restricted to customers only, which includes existing and trial members.

Users who sign up for the free trial of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will get access to the Community during their trial period. Customers that purchase SAP Data Warehouse Cloud will gain full access to the Community.


Our Community members can expect a Ranks and Rewards program with tons of prizes and giveaways, including an all-expenses paid trip to SAP TechEd next year, swag baskets, and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud merchandise. Our Ranks and Rewards program is something you don't want to miss! As you post questions, discussions, and answer other members' questions you will receive points. As your points accumulate, you will receive the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud merchandise that corresponds to your number of points!


You can achieve different ranks within the Community, depending on the amount of points you accumulate. This rank will display on your profile and next to your name whenever you post. They go as follows:

  1. Explorer ✭: 0-99 points
  2. Journeyman ✭✭: 100-499 points for a sports bottle
  3. Master ✭✭✭: 500-999 points for a Nike hat and umbrella
  4. Guru✭✭✭✭: 1000-4999 points
  5. The One ✭✭✭✭✭: 5000+ points for an Eddie Bauer jacket

Answer a question (1 point – The point is only given for your first answer to a question). Here are a few ways that you can earn points:

  1. Get an "Accepted" answer (10 points)
  2. Earn a badge (Varies)

For more information on the Ranks and Rewards system and rules, visit the Community post here.


Do not miss out on this opportunity and visit the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Community today. To get full access to the Community, sign up for your free trial.

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Natasha Pirani Natasha Pirani
Natasha is an Online Community Manager at SAP. She has a passion for learning, and giving back to the community through various volunteer work.
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