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What is a Story?

In SAP Data Warehouse Cloud together with the SAP Analytics Cloud, you will have the possibility to combine your data sources and extract insights from them based on stories. A story is where your data comes to live with powerful data visualizations. Charts, graphs, tables, and other visual elements are arranged to tell the story of your business or organization. Stories are the analyzed results of combining different data sources and models. This is where you will start visualizing the valuable insights you got from your data and prepare those insights to be shared with your stakeholders.

For example, imagine you are the CFO of a multinational chain of furniture stores. You need to understand if your recent store design changes had an impact in the sales of a product that was selling poorly last year. You can get insights by analyzing the data you have in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and modeling this data to show you the connections you are looking for. Then, you can visualize it all with the SAP Analytics Cloud using a Story.

Check out more about how to model data in the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud here.

Once all these connections are made with the data modeling capabilities of the SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can choose to create a story on the SAP Analytics Cloud, export your story as a report, or connect your story to a third-party visualization system.

Sounds like something you might want to do for your business? Once you have your data accessible and modeled within your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, stories are easy to create. The SAP Analytics Cloud provides an intuitive, visual work space in which you can add different visual and text elements, as you can see here:

What stories come down to is the ability to analyze the data generated by the connections you made during your modeling phase to then visualize it and tell a story based on the data. With SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can not only make sure you have the fresh data you need, but also that you can make sure your data is ready to be interpreted without spending precious time on organizing it.

To find out how to build a story, click here.


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