Data Management Revolutionized

Your most important decisions made simple with data management and analytics together, at last, in the cloud.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud unites your heterogeneous data in one solution, maintaining the security, trust, and semantic richness of your information. With a single gateway to all of your business data and the speed and power of SAP HANA, now available to everyone, you're well on your way to creating experiences your customers won't soon forget.


Get the most powerful in-memory database on the market, the only enterprise-grade data warehouse in the cloud, and full-service analytics right out of the box.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is powered by SAP HANA Cloud Services, so you can quickly access your entire data landscape and translate it into value in line-of-business specific spaces. Powerful analytic capabilities help you to gain instant insights and share knowledge quickly. Plus, we're open - so you can experience the power of SAP technology without limitations.

Virtual workspaces for analysis

With Spaces, bring data models and connections in one secured and governed place. Have the freedom to collaborate with clearly defined access authorizations and trusted data from IT. Gain more flexibility by tracking your performance and adjusting your computing and storage resources.

Connect all data in a single solution

Quickly and seamlessly integrate data from different sources, both on-premise or cloud, and both SAP or non-SAP. Use the built-in adapter to connect data from remote sources.

Add semantic information to understand data

Empower business users in your organization to model data and discover new insights. The Semantic Business Layer lets you define relationships between each element in your data model and enrich your data fields with business information and tags for quick discovery.

Seamless data modeling for faster results

Have the option to use relationship models, tables, SQL, Cube Builder, or flat files when modeling your data. Visually build your model with Graphical View to simplify data modeling tasks and test your model to analyze issues for more insights. Use readily available data models created by your peers for fast results.

Instant analysis with analytics

From complex data models to visualized information, instantly discover insights with out-of-the-box analytics. You also have the option to leverage pre-built content or connect to any analytics tool of your choice - we‘re open.

Performance without compromise


Fueled by SAP HANA.

Experience the unparalleled performance, simplicity, and flexibility of SAP HANA with in-memory technology that reduces processing time from hours to seconds. Get equipped with multiple storage options and out-of-the-box connectors for flexible and tailored performance.

  • In-Memory processing for highest performance demands
  • Columnar storage to compress data by factors
  • All data processing from OLAP to geospatial and machine learning in one system
  • SAP HANA data lake for data of any shape and size

All the frills without the cost.

Advance your data management to the next level with all of the benefits of cloud and hybrid environments. Deploy quickly, only pay for what you use, and let SAP take care of the management for you. Our cloud solution lowers your costs so you can focus on higher-impact activities.

  • Flexible pricing models that fit your business based on the consumption of what you need with storage and compute
  • Delivered as a service with maintenance provided by SAP
  • Built-in intelligence provides a smart allocation of your storage and computes resources

Space for every line of business


Your real-time gateway to all business data.

Data Warehouse Cloud delivers data to where it needs to be in real-time to ensure those insights are as fresh as possible. Now, you can be confident in your decisions and get ahead of the game with the most recent information available.

  • Live data access through virtualization
  • Intelligent data replication
  • Integration support for hybrid data landscapes
  • Model consolidation and data harmonization
  • Multi-model support for all types of data
  • Data load monitoring and traceability

Instantly understandable information.

Our business semantic layer makes all of your information instantly understandable, lowering the time spent modeling and enriching data. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with the metadata management tools you need to ensure business understanding and trust.

  • Central Business Entity Catalogue
  • Automatic model derivation via source metadata crawling
  • Pre-integration with the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Suite
  • Leverage global governed data models in your line of business space without replication

Spaces for you to work in.

Spaces are environments that bring data models and connections, plus compute and storage resources together for a specific line of business or use-case.

Spaces make it easy to model centrally governed enterprise data with the line of business data giving you the flexibility to work with the information you need. Spaces are decoupled, yet open for flexible access, so you can collaborate without having to worry about impacting other spaces.

  • Role-based security
  • Graphical and SQL view modeling capabilities
  • KPI building
  • Open access for 3rd party ETL tools
  • The self-organized and isolated modeling environment
  • Easy to share objects between spaces
  • Enhanced data transformation and harmonization tooling

Instant insights with analytics


Advanced analytics out-of-the-box.

SAP’s business intelligence, planning, and machine learning technology are built into the solution so you can access the capabilities out of the box. Leveraging augmented analytics means you can focus on high-impact activities and let our machine learning technology support your decision-making process.

  • Visualize true insights with business intelligence capabilities
  • Drive better business outcomes with collaborative enterprise planning
  • Predict future outcomes and automatically gain insights from any level of detail with augmented analytics and machine learning technology

Get ahead and stay ahead with templates and pre-built content.

Industry model templates and pre-designed business content simplifies both data modeling and analytics story design, providing you with instant results.

  • Industry models backed by over 45 years of industry and business expertise
  • Pre-delivered business content to help get you up and running quickly
  • Explore the extensive partner content library created by valued SAP Partners with deep knowledge across industries

Open to what works for you.

We’re open, so you can still consume the content you’ve made in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud with the powerful built-in analytic capabilities of the solution or any other analytics solutions – it’s up to you.


SAP Data Warehouse Cloud comes with all of the enterprise-ready data warehousing and analytics features you need to run your business, right out of the box.

Smart re-allocation of storage and compute

Advanced security

Auditing and data lineage

Advanced analytics

Real-time data access

Model transformation (ETL/ELT)

Virtualized access (SAP HANA smart data access, SAP HANA smart data integration)

Universal semantic layer

Multi-model support for all data types

Pre-integration with SAP data

3rd party connectivity

SQL editor

Graphical modeling and data flow

Business ready templates

Extensive partner ecosystem

Automated data lifecycle management

On-premise and cloud can work together seamlessly. Learn how they can unite as one strategy for your business.

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