Onboarding Guide Data Modeling

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling is the process of defining your data's structure and relationships. It's an important step in preparing data for analysis. Learn about data modeling and how it sets you up for success in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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How to Start Modeling Your Data Using a Graphical View

The Data Builder is where you model your data using a set of integrated and simple graphical modeling tools.

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What is the Business Catalog?

Using the Business Catalog you can navigate through all of the data models that are available for you to use. You'll also see a quick summary of what's included in each model.

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What is the Business Semantics Layer?

Business semantics is a consistent natural language vocabulary that makes it easy to understand your data. The Business Semantics Layer of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud applies your business semantics to all types of data, helping you to gain value faster.

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How to Create Attributes in the Business Semantics Layer

Are you ready to start using the Business Semantic Layer functionality? Learn how to add attributes to your business properties.

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How to Combine Data from Different Source Systems

Wondering how to model data using many different data sources? Learn how to combine data from different source systems in your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud using the Graphical Modeler.

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What is Entity-Relationship Modeling?

Entity Relationship Modeling aims to establish a visual representation of system data. Learn more about Entity Relationship Modeling in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

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How to Create an Entity-Relationship Model

In SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, you can establish a seamless connection to third-party ETL and other tools that speak SQL and use an SSL connection.

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How to Create a SQL View

If you are already familiar with SQL, check out this video on how to use SQL in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud to model your data.

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When to use SQL modeling vs. Graphical modeling

SQL-based modeling is available in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud as an alternative to the graphical drag-and-drop view modeler.

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How to Exclude and Restore Columns

When building a graphical view in the Data Builder, you can exclude and restore columns. It allows you to select specific data that is relevant to your view.

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The Functionalities of Calculated Columns in the Data Builder

Data management capabilities in the Data Builder are key to derive the desired output in the data analysis.

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In Focus: Extracting Information with <​LIKE> to match leaders for sales excellence in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

How about engaging in a more empathic way by approaching your current leads with a connection on management level?

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