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During each talk show, you'll hear from our experts as they discuss the latest trends and innovations in data management, analytics, and more.

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Is my Data Safe in the Cloud?

September 12, 2019 – 10am PDT
When it comes to data management, security is always top of mind. Now, with a global push to the cloud, how can organizations be sure that their data is safe? In this episode, our experts will discuss the current state of cloud security and how cloud services provided by SAP ensure that your data is safe and secure.
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On-Prem and Cloud – Stronger Together

Aired: August 13, 2019 – 10am PDT

With increasing investments in cloud services, businesses are finding themselves at a cross-roads. Do you stick with your on-premise investments? Or make the full journey to the cloud? Listen in as our SAP data management experts explore how a cohesive integration of both cloud and on-premise could be the way forward.

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Is your Data Sparking Joy?

Aired: July 10, 2019 – 10am PDT

Why are companies drowning in data and yet still struggling to make decisions? Join our experts in data and analytics as they discuss the challenges modern businesses face when it comes to managing massive amounts of data. You’ll learn how a successful data and analytics strategy can turn data into valuable and actionable insights for every level of your organization.

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Business vs. IT – The Final Showdown

Aired: June 25, 2019 – 10am PDT

Join Ivo Bauermann, head of product strategy, and Stefan Hoffmann, product management lead, debate the future of business and IT when it comes to data and data management.

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